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  • ┆The Luttrell family archive was catalogued whilst housed at Dunster Castle, and these catalogues still form the basis for the present-day organisation of the collection. The catalogue falls into four sections: DD/L/P: This section contains the medieval estate papers, deeds and manorial rolls for Dunster Castle estates. These papers were catalogued by William Prynne (English lawyer, author, polemicist, and political figure), who was imprisoned at Dunster Castle between 1649-1651. His catalogue (stored under DD/L/P/40/1) is the basis for the current arrangement, however, some items included in his list are missing or have been re-numbered. This section has been fully re-catalogued. DD/L/1 and DD/L/2: These sections relate to Muniment Room 1 (DD/L/1) and Muniment Room 2 (DD/L/2), which are the rooms in which they were stored at Dunster Castle. The sub-numbers then denote the shelf in the Muniment Room and then the bundle number on the shelf. The papers were organised and listed at Dunster Castle by Sir Henry Maxwell Lyte in the late 19th century. Muniment Room 1 contains the post-medieval records relating to Dunster Castle, and the Carhampton and Minehead estates. Muniment Room 2 contains records relating to other Somerset estates, arranged largely alphabetically by place, then Marriage Settlements, Inventories, Pedigrees, Legal Papers, Letters and Personal records, followed by Devon and Dorset estate papers. Where a classification runs over two or more shelves, the numbers are continuous, although the shelf number will change, so a new shelf number does not necessarily mean that the bundle number will also start at 1. Muniment Room 1 has been fully re-catalogued, and the cataloguing of Muniment Room 2 is ongoing as of autumn 2018. DD/L/3: This is an artificial arrangement imposed during re-cataloguing which begun in autumn 2018 and relates to c. 150 boxes of archives which fall outside of Prynne’s classification and the Muniment Room arrangement. This section was briefly listed in 1957-8 by the National Register of Archives, whilst at Dunster Castle, and contains mainly 18th-20th century estate, family and household papers, along with earlier deeds of the Devon and Dorset estates of the Fownes and Rose families, which came by marriage to the Luttrells. The original box number and any other former reference numbers are recorded in the description field. This section starts at Box 195. For the sections not yet fully catalogued, paper lists are available for consultation at the Somerset Heritage Centre. Accepted by HM Government in Lieu of Inheritance Tax by H M Government from the Trustees of Sir Walter Luttrell's Will Trust and allocated to Somerset Heritage Centre, 2016.
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