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  • Correspondence received by Francis Henry Dickinson, mainly dated 1849, from various authors concerning ecclesiastical, educational and political matters. Comprises letters from: (2) George Anthony Denison (at East Brent) mainly concerning ecclesiastical, educational and political matters, 19 Apr 1849. (6, 9) Lord Cawdor (at Stackpole Court, [Pembrokeshire]) concerning a missal, 28 Nov-11 Dec 1849. (7, 8, 13) Charles Clifford (at Court House, Cannington, Bridgwater) concerning arrangements for the release of a woman from Wells Asylum so that she may rejoin her husband (with reference to her suffering from monomania and religious mania), 20 Nov-17 Dec 1849 (7, 8) and Francis's enquiries regarding religious written works held at Stonyhurst, [Lancashire], and elsewhere, 31 Oct -17 Dec 1849 (7, 8, 13). (10) Coles (East Charlton) requesting a donation towards the East Charlton clothing fund, 7 Dec 1849. (11) H. Coggan regarding the payment of wages, 22 Nov 1849. (12) C.W. Short, honorary secretary of the House of Charity (at Soho) requesting the payment of a subscription, 1849. (14) W. Colston (at Lydford, Somerton) to Edmund [Dickinson, brother of Francis] inviting him to shoot at Lydford and reference to attending a Justice meeting at Kingweston to deal with two cases of poaching, 12 Nov 1849. (15) Coles requesting Francis's attendance at a meeting of the Mid Somerset Labourers' Friend Society , 25 Oct 1849. (19, 28, 29) J.T. Coleridge (at 26 Park Crescent) regarding ecclesiastical and political matters, 6-31 Jan 1849. (20, 55) Mr Clarke (at the Great Western Railway Superintendent's Office, Paddington) informing Francis that his bag has been found and has been forwarded to him, 8-16 Feb 1849. (21) Coles accepting an invitation to look at some steam apparatus and to dine at Kingweston, 18 Feb 1849. (22) M.J. Rhodes and F.R. Ward, lay secretaries of the Church Union (at Bristol), concerning a Bill for legalizing marriage with a deceased wife's sister and with the daughter of a deceased wife's sister, 2 Mar 1849. (27, 54) J.D. Coleridge (at 26 Park Crescent) concerning ecclesiastical matters, including reference to the Church Unions and acts, 1849 (27) and a meeting with the Bishop, 11 May 1849 (22). (30) Richard Thomas Combe (at Earnshill) regarding Quarter Sessions business, 10 Jan 1849. (31) Richard Clark declining an invitation to meet with Francis, 6 Sep 1849. (35-36) D.H. Ashford (at Shepton Mallet) concerning proposed revisions to polling districts for the 2nd Division of Coroners Districts (the South Eastern District for the Election of Coroner), 13 Oct 1849. Includes a list of the parishes, etc., belonging to the polling districts of Frome, Castle Cary, Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury, Somerton and Yeovil. (37) J. Coles (at Welham Farm) concerning an allegation made by Mr Scriver that Coles threatened him with "an action" after expressing a wish to plough the lands of the farm, 5 Oct 1849. (38) Edwin Lovell (at Wells), Clerk of the Peace, regarding the means by which expenses for prosecutions should be funded, 10 Nov 1849. (42, 43) Thomas Clowes (at London) concerning Francis's supply of sherry, 31 Jul-7 Aug 1849. (48) Wright (at the Clarendon, Bond Street, [London]) concerning a bill for the Roxbury Le Club dinner, 27 Jun 1849. (51, 52) [?] concerning a Latin inscription, Jun 1849. With notes. (53) A. Huxtable, honorary secretary of the Agricultural Chemistry Association, concerning a proposed meeting, 25 May 1849. (56) Crealock? (at 3 Stanhope Place, Hyde Park, [London]) providing a reference for his former servant, Thomas Kingston , 9 Apr 1849. (57-58) Carrow concerning unspecified "proposals", 20 Mar 1849. (59, 163-164) Francis H. Dickinson (at Kingweston). Copies of letters written by Francis to: R. Combe concerning Combe's resignation of the position of treasurer and Quarter Sessions business, with reference to the storage of the county records and the proposed removal of the more recent records to Wells, 29 Mar 1849 (59); [Francis] Barlow concerning unspecified business, with reference to meetings, the Board and "Sir A" [Acland?], 11 Jan 1849 (163-164). (61, 62, 67) W. Butterfield (at Adam Street, Adelphi, [London]) concerning church architecture, with reference to the placement of the choir, 25-29 Jan 1850 (61, 62), and his decision not to undertake the rebuilding of Kingweston Church, 10 Dec 1849 (67). (63, 66, 78, 84, 95, 97, 105, 106, 108, 123, 126, 128. 134, 153, 155, 158) W. Brymer (at West Charlton, Bath and elsewhere) mainly concerning ecclesiastical matters, Wells College, and his wife's health, Feb 1849-Jan 1850. Includes reference to a quote from Isaiah 58.3 and his belief that Francis should not allow business to be conducted on Kingweston during fasting as this would encourage farmers in the neighbourhood to do likewise, nd, 1849 (84); the provision of books to Wells College by Mr Green, bookseller, 25 Jul- 9 Aug 1849 (95, 97); the proposed sequestration of the living of Kingweston, 10 Jul 1849 (105); declining an invitation to stay with Francis and his wife, 9 Jul 1849 (106); his objection to a proposed clause in the Bishop of London's Clergy Offences Bill, 17 Feb 1849 (155). (64, 72, 91, 156, 159) M. Bernard (at 7 Old Square and elsewhere) concerning ecclesiastical matters, 1849-1850, with reference to the Church Union and an article in the Guardian, nd, c.1850 (64); an Episcopal Commission rumour, Jun 1849 (91); thanking Francis for copies of papers relating to the Sarum Bishopric (see (135-147) below), 28 Feb 1849 (156). (65, 86, 103) P. Pleydell Bouverie (at London) expressing his dismay that the Quarter Sessions decided not to publish the accounts for the building of the lunatic asylum, 19 Jun 1850 (65); his hope that he and his daughter may visit Francis, 20 Aug 1849 (86); inviting Francis to visit, 16 Jul 1849 (103). (68, 71, 104, 110, 112, 113, 114) Mr Bowdler (at Norwich and elsewhere) relating mainly to ecclesiastical matters, May-Nov 1849. Includes reference to Mr Bliss and the examination of church plans, 17 Jul 1849 (see also (98-100 below) (104); his wife's poor health, 4 Jun 1849 (110). (69-70) Nicholas Broadmead (at Langport) regarding legal cases connected with funding road repairs, 7 Dec 1849. (73) R.H. Blake (at Langport), honorary secretary, inviting Francis to a dinner organized by the Committee of the Langport Market, 24 Nov 1849. (74) John Bell (Public Baths and Wash Houses, George Street, Euston Square, London), secretary of the Department for Cleansing, Purifying and Ventilating the Dwellings of the Poor, requesting donations towards their work, 29 Nov 1849. (75) W. Bernard (at Clatworthy) requesting pupils for Mr Parr, his curate (and son of the vicar of Preston, Lancashire), who wishes to teach, 5 Nov [1849]. Includes reference to Mr Parr's 12 year old brother. (76-77, 89) Edmund Bastard (at Yealmpton, Devon) concerning ecclesiastical matters, with reference to Denison, the Church Unions, and a charge of adultery made against Biber, Oct 1849 (76-77); declining an invitation to visit Francis due to ill health and other business, 8 Oct 1849 (89). (79) Bishop of Bath and Wells [Richard Bagot] concerning ecclesiastical matters, with reference to the National Society, 7 Nov 1849. (80) Stephen Barber requesting that Francis speak to the Board of Guardians regarding financial support for himself and his wife as he has injured his back and is unable to work, 28 Oct 1849. (81) Francis Barber (at 66 Marina, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex) concerning business matters, 24 Oct 1849. (82, 93) William Beadon (at Churchstanton, Honiton) concerning the search for a new manager for his estates (comprising c.500a.), 8-22 Oct 1849. (83) Henry Bond (at South Petherton) informing Francis that he has made new travel arrangements, Oct 1849. (85) John Barrow (at Wedmore) concerning Bruges Fry, son of the late Peter Fry, who has put himself forward as a candidate for the office of Coroner (vacant since the death of Mr Ashford), 14 Aug 1849. (87-88) Edward Welsh (at Somerton) asking Francis to sign an account of the Mid Somerset Friendly Society, 1849. With envelope. (90, 101, 102) Bathurst (Doctors' Commons, [London]), concerning the judgment passed in connection with Gorham and other matters, 23 Jul-2 Aug 1849. (92) William Body (at South Brent) requesting that a friend of his be considered as a tenant for one of Francis's properties following the death of Richard Saunders, 2 Jun 1849. Includes a copy of Francis's reply, 13 Jun 1849. (94) Ralph Barnes concerning ecclesiastical matters, a tribunal before the Privy Council, and other matters, 13 Nov 1849. (96) R. Barter (at Winchester College), warden, concerning a tour of the college he gave to a French man, 7 Aug 1849. (98, 99, 100) James Bliss (at Ogbourne St Andrew, near Marlborough, Wiltshire) concerning the Committee of Architects appointed by the Incorporated Church Building Society and objections to a recent regulation passed by the society, with reference to Butterfield and the Diocesan Architect, 2-12 Jul 1849. (107) Dr. R. Boyd (at the Somerset County Asylum, Wells) concerning a report in the Bristol Mirror regarding the salaries of the superintendant and others prior to the opening of the asylum, 9 Jul 1849. (108, 131) E. Badeley (at Temple, [London]) mainly concerning legal matters, 28 Apr-16 Jun 1849. (111) H. Burrows (at 4 Vigo Street, [London]) declining an invitation to dinner as he must taken an evening service, 31 May 1849. (115, 116, 117, 124) Colin Blackburn (Kings Bench Walk, [London], and elsewhere) concerning divorce, with reference to a House of Lords Appeal in the case of Warrender vs Warrender, Scottish law regarding the dissolving of marriages, and the case of the Duke of Buckingham, 13-18 May 1849, with notes (115, 116, 117). Also includes a letter accepting an invitation to dinner, 6 Apr 1849 (124). (118-121) Henry Barlow (at Pitsmoor, Sheffield), incumbent, requesting donations towards the building of a church for the newly formed district parish of Pitsmoor and Neepsend, parish of Sheffield, May-Jun 1849 (118, 120). With printed pamphlets containing a list of subscriptions, Mar 1849 (119, 121). (122) H. Bennett (at Sparkford) concerning Mr Lockyer's wish to be appointed to the living of Kingweston, May 1849. (125) Charles P. Burney (at the University Club) thanking Francis for his assistance in procuring papers relating to Lord Brougham's clause, 31 Mar 1849. (127, 130, 132, 133, 148-150, 151, 154, 157, 162, 165-167, 171) Francis Barlow concerning unspecified business, with reference to committees, meetings, policies, the Board, and the Society, 10 Jan-7 Apr 1849. (160, 161) Thomas Bath (at Northover, Glastonbury) regarding a proposed meeting at Wells, with reference to the Commissions of Sewers, 18-19 Feb 1849. (168-169) Mary Bath (at Glastonbury) hoping that Francis will continue to subscribe to the Glastonbury Provident Clothing Society, Jan 1849, with a printed list of rules and subscribers, including reference to Mrs E. Bath, treasurer and secretary, Nov 1848. (170, 172) Charles Brickman (at 5 Beaufort West, Bath, and the Emigration Office, Bristol) concerning the passage of Charles Grincham onboard the Bristol Empire, 18-20 Jan 1849. (173) Joshua Bennett (at Mark, Wells), incumbent, requesting donations to help provide bread and coal to the poor of the parish, 10 Jan 1849. (174) Joseph Bell (at Bristol) requesting permission to construct a testimonial window in Wells Cathedral, 7 Mar 1849. Also includes: (1) Printed resolutions of a meeting of the Committee on Church Matters concerning the establishment of the London Union on Church Matters, 6 Feb 1849. (3) Printed petition of the clergy and laity of the Church of England to the "Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament concerning their objection to article 11, section 3, chapter 2 of the Criminal Law Consolidation Bill (no. 2), 15 Feb 1849. (4) First report of the sub-committee on education produced by the London Union on Church Matters, 6 Aug 1849. (5) Printed pamphlet concerning the work that has been undertaken in the Diocese of Cape Town, South Africa, 30 Oct 1849. (16-17) Notice concerning the availability of a new publication (volume 13) by "the Society", with reference to J.W. Parker, agent, 4 May 1847. With covering letter, 6 Feb 1849. (18) Printed appeal for donations towards the enlargement and restoration of Castle Cary Parish Church, 1849. Provides a list of donors. (23-26) Printed papers concerning the unlawfulness of marriage with a deceased wife's sister, with suggestions and guidance for petitions to Parliament, including reference to a petition in favor of Education Grants without management clauses and a petition against alterations to the Marriage Laws, Jan 1849. (31) Printed resolutions of a meeting of a sub-committee of the Association for Promoting the Relief of Destitution in the Metropolis and for Improving the Condition of the Poor, by means of Parochial and District Visiting, under the superintendence and direction of the Bishop and Clergy, c.Sep 1849. Concerns an appeal for funding to provide relief to those suffering from cholera. Provides a list of the association committee members. (32-33) Printed appeal for donations to the Missionary College of St Thomas the Apostle for the Diocese of Colombo, Ceylon. With printed letter from J. Colombo to Coleridge , 14 Jun 1849. (39) Order appointing Francis Henry Dickinson and other Justices of the Peace to a committee to consider "the expediency of providing lock up houses for the temporary confinement of persons taken into custody by any constable and not yet committed for trial...",3 Jul 1849. Issued at the Bridgwater Sessions. Includes pencil notes on reverse including reference to a 78 year old man who married a 36 year old. (40) Order stating that the rules, orders, regulations, etc., of the Quarter Sessions be printed, 3 Jul 1849. Issued at the Bridgwater Sessions. (41) Order appointing Francis H. Dickinson and other JPs as members of the Finance Committee, 3 Jul 1849. Issued at the Bridgwater Sessions. (44) Printed calendar of prisoners (Michaelmas Session) to be held at Taunton Castle, 16 Oct 1849. Provides name of prisoner, age, literacy, trade, by whom committed, date of warrant, division, offence. With index. (45-46) Printed calendar of prisoners (Summer Assize) to be held at Bridgwater, 31 Jul 1849. Also provides details of prisoners held at Wilton Gaol who have been sentenced. Contains rough portraits of unidentified individuals in ink. (47) Printed appeal for donations to the Colonial Bishoprics Fund, 1849. (49) Printed invitation to attend a ceremony and dinner for laying the foundation stone for the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Muster Square, in the district of Christ Church, St Pancras, 25 Jun 1849. (50) Printed appeal for donations for the provision of churches to tackle the spiritual destitution in Devonport and Pymouth, nd, c.1849. (60) Printed notice concerning a General Committee meeting of the Incorporated Society for Promoting the Enlargement, Building and Repairing of Churches and Chapels, 10 Apr 1849. (129) Butterfield's notes concerning church architecture, 1846. (135-147) Translation of a petition congé d'élire and associated papers in connection with the election of a new Bishop of Salisbury, 1228, with copy of a covering letter by Francis to Mr Barnard, 24 Feb 1849. [Former ref. DD\DN/698]
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