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  • DD\DN/4/4/18
  • Comprises correspondence, etc., addressed to him in one or other of his official capacities (MP, JP, etc.) and seeking his support or patronage. Comprises letters from: (1) Joseph Willey (at Drury Lane, [London]) asking whether Francis could recommend him for a job at the Boiler Makers in the Woolwich Docks, 3 Mar 1842. (2) Giles Melmoth (at Yeovil) asking whether Francis could find employment for his 31 year old son who lives at 44 Ashford Street/Pitfield Street, London, 21 Mar 1842. (3) Prat (at Glastonbury) requesting Francis's support for a memorial concerning the day mail between London and Bath, and Wells, Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury, 16 Mar 1842. With reference to Mr Blakemore MP for Wells. (4) Thomas Hoskins (at Haselbury, Crewkerne), warden of the Crewkerne Free Grammar School, asking whether Francis would accept the office of Lay Steward at the school, nd, c. Mar 1842. (5) William James (at Bridgwater) on behalf of the Antislavery Society concerning the proposed relaxation of the law prohibiting the exploitation of labourers from British India, with reference to the emigration of "Coolies", 10 Mar 1842. (6) Jesie? (at Taunton Market House) concerning the proposed re-location of the West Somerset Conservative Association Reading Rooms from the Market House to the Taunton Castle House, 19 Mar 1842. (7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Correspondence received by Francis from various representatives of glove manufacturers in Yeovil concerning a proposed reduction of duty on the importation of French Kid Gloves and a memorial submitted to James Crofts, Esq., by the glove manufacturers objecting to the proposal, 21-25 Mar 1842. Includes letters from Charles Greenham (at Yeovil), 21-25 Mar 1842 (7, 9); Thomas Cole (at Yeovil), 23 Mar 1842 (10); Cuthbert Raymond (at Yeovil), 23 Mar 1842 (11). Also includes notes of a conversation with Mr Gladstone and Mr Croft regarding the proposed reduction of glove duty, 24 Mar 1842 (8). (12, 13, 14) Clarke (at Clayhidon near Wellington), chairman of the Board of Guardians for the Wellington Union, concerning a petition submitted by the Board concerning their wish for amendments to [the Poor Law Act] to allow them more discretion in the management of funds, etc., 21 Mar 1842 (12). With draft reply from Francis (13) and a list of proposed amendments to the Poor Law Act (14). (16) W.F. Chilcott (at the Parsonage, Monksilver) inviting Francis to a meeting of the Dunster and Williton Association, 24 Sep 1842. (17) Mr Bean (at St Helier, Jersey) requesting that Mr Poingdestre of Jersey be appointed as Viscount of Jersey, 27 Sep 1842. Includes reference to Mr Bean holding land in Martock and to Mr Rodbard of West Coker, his uncle. (18) Robert Arthur Kinglake (at Wilton House, Taunton) concerning the intention of his brother, Dr Hamilton Kinglake, to apply for the position of visiting physician to the [Fairwater] Lunatic Asylum which has become vacant following the death of their late uncle, Dr Kinglake, 28 Sep 1842 (see (19 and 20) below). (19) Thomas Woodforde (at Taunton) concerning his intention to apply for the position of visiting physician to the Fairwater Lunatic Asylum following the death of Dr Kinglake, 28 Sep 1842. (20) Dr Kinglake (at Wilton House, Taunton) concerning his application for the position of visiting physician to the Taunton Lunatic Asylum, nd, c. Sep 1842. (21) W.B. Whitehead (at Chard) offering Francis accommodation at his "old vicarage house" when he attends the annual meeting of the Labourer's Friend Society, 29 Sep 1842. (22) Davies (of Langport Union), relief officer, concerning the case of Thomas Hunt of Charlton Adam, 3 Oct 1842. (23) W.H. Turner, soliciting the vote of Francis, magistrate of the county, for the appointment of Dr Kinglake, candidate for the position of visiting physician to the {Fairwater] Lunatic Asylum, 3 Oct 1842. With reference to family. (24) Vincent Stuckey (at Langport) concerning Francis's proposed visit, 13 Oct 1842. (25, 30, 33, 45) John Thynne (at Walton, Glastonbury) concerning the relief of the widow of the late John Seymour of the parish of Barton [St David], with reference to Langport Union and relief provided by benefit clubs (including the Keinton Club), 15-8 Nov 1842. (27) James B. Coles (at Chard) concerning his hope of meeting with Francis at a meeting of the Labourer's Friend Society, 18 Oct 1842. (28) Thomas B. Uttermare (at Langport) concerning the relief of the widow Seymour, 25 Oct 1842 (see (25) above). (29) W.B. Naish (at Glastonbury) inviting Francis to the Annual Meeting of the Glastonbury Show Market, 31 Oct 1842. (32) H. Bennett (at Sparkford) concerning Mr Hoskins and Ilchester Gaol, 28 Oct 1842. (34) Richard Penny (at Trull) requesting Francis's assistance in obtaining his son, Richard (age 28), the position of Excise Officer, 28 Oct 1842. (35, 36) Mary Acland (at Walton) regarding the likelihood of her husband attending the Wellington Agricultural Meeting, with reference to his being with the Yeomanry in Exmouth, 8 Oct 1842 (35), with reply from Mr Acland, 14 Oct 1842 (36). (37, 38) Nicholas Broadmead (at Langport) concerning the sale of land for a proposed County Lunatic Asylum, 13-14 Oct 1842. (40) E. Coles (at Taunton) concerning the appointment of officers, 2 Nov 1842. (41) Captain James Muttlebury (at Bath) asking Francis to support Joseph Brace's application for the position of Distributor of Stamps, with reference to Mr Crutwell who currently holds the post, 2 Nov 1842. (43) T.O. Bennett (at Bruton) inviting Francis to a meeting to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Bruton Agricultural Association, 11 Nov 1842. (44) Mr Battby? (at Yeovil), 17 Nov 1842. (45, 49) T.D. Acland concerning various matters,12-24 Nov 1842. Includes reference to Mr Leigh Lye (see (47) below) and Ralph Neville, 12 Nov 1842 (49). (46) William Prichard (at Taunton) concerning a concert arranged by the Taunton Glee Club to raise money for the hospital building fund, 17 Nov 1842. (47) William Knatchball (at Babington) asking Francis to support Captain Leigh Lye's application for the position of Distributor of Stamps, 16 Nov 1842. (48) William West (at Compton Dundon) concerning a dispute with Henry Gooden of Compton Dundon over rent for a plot of potatoes, with reference to William Witcome and Solomon Edger, Nov 1842. (50) Mr Bradley (at the Parsonage, Ash Priors) regarding a publication, 9 Nov 1842 (see (54) below). Also includes: (15) Printed extract from the quarterly abstract showing the number of paupers relieved, the amount of money expended and the balance due to and from the parishes forming the Langport Union for the quarter ending 17 Sep 1842. (26) Poster advertising the tenth annual meeting of the Chard, Ilminster and Crewkerne District Association of the Labourer's Friend Society to be held on the 24 Oct 1842. Chaired by F.H. Dickinson, MP. (31) Printed receipt for Francis's subscription to the Chard, Ilminster and Crewkerne Labourer's Friend Society, 24 Oct 1842. (39) Notes concerning various matters including the appointment of a visiting physician at Fairwater Lunatic Asylum. Oct 1842. (51) Figures concerning the number of lunatics in Somerset (and the parishes in which they reside) that have easier access to either Enmore or Glastonbury, nd, c.1842. (52) Notes concerning Rachel Yard and her bastard child who came to [High ] Ham, Nov 1842. With reference to the death of the child. Written on "Langport Union" headed paper. (53) List of applicants requesting relief from Langport Union: Thomas Hunt (age 71) of Charlton Adam and Rose his wife (age 66), Oct 1842. Includes reasons for seeking relief and other notes. (54) Printed list of patrons to the publication of a "Sacred Drama" written by The Revd R.B. Bradley of Ash Priors entitled "The Portion of Jezreel", Nov 1842. (55) Printed notice advertising the Annual Exhibition at the Glastonbury Annual Show Market, 12 Dec 1842. (56) Printed notice concerning a meeting of the trustees of the Langport, Somerton and Castle Cary Turnpike, with reference to the letting of tolls arising from the toll gates and weighing engine, 18 Nov 1842. [Former ref. DD\DN/300].
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