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  • 0629/5
  • 1. Thomas Cottle, p. Batheaston, c. Somerset, Cordwainer 2. William Edward Coleman of Shipton under Wychwood, c. Oxford, Esq. 3. Charles Swift, p. Lyncombe and Widcombe, Mason Reciting: 0629/3 Whereas Thomas Cottle has since erected another messuage, adjoining that hereinbefore mentioned. Whereas the sum of £100 is still due and owing from Thoams Cottle. Whereas Charles Swift has agreed with Thomas Cottle for the absolute purchase of one of the hereinbefore mentioned messuages for the sum of £40. Plot of ground (10p.), part of the hereinbefore recited premises, situate in Odd Down, and the messuage thereon known as 1 Odd Down Buildings, currently in occupation of James Melsom. Plan endorsed. Covenant from 3. to pay to 2. £50 a moiety of the principle sum of £100. Consideration: a peppercorn rent.
  • 3 July 1828
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