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  • 1. Thomas Garrard of the Inner Temple, London, and Margaret [Gay] his wife. 2. Erule Bertie of the Middle Temple, London The Manor and Rectory of Walcot; the messuage or tenement called Barton Farm House; lands called Longcroft (6a.) and Barncroft (4a.); a meadow on the south side of Barncroft (1a.); meadow on the west side of Barncroft called Kingsmead Furlong (20a.); meadow called Hayes Furlong (25a.) on the north side of Kingsmead Furlong; meadow called the Hayes (20a.) now divided into three parts on the east side of Kingsmead Furlong and Hayes Furlong; pasture lands called the Lower Ground (11a.) situate next to Trim's Buildings; meadow or pasture (7a.) part of four pieces of meadow or pasture called Barton Grounds; a garden late in the tenure of Archdeacon Hunt; a garden now in the tenure of Doctor Harrington; a garden late in the tenure of William Godfrey; a piece of ground formerly a garden late in the tenure of Barzillai Jones, and after of Robert Gay, part of which is now a way from Trim Street to Barton Grounds; a garden late of Michael Becher Esq. and the house called The Amery near without the Southgate of the City of Bath; a meadow called The Amery alias Armory lying near the river Avon; a garden adjoining to the Town Walls of the said city late in tenure of ____ Broad; a meadow called the Amery alias Armory (4a.) lying near the river Avon, formerly in possession of Rosewell Gibbs, part of which meadow adjoins the wharf warehouse belonging to the Undertakers for making the River Avon navigable; a garden called King's Orchard(1 3/4 a.); all which said premises above mentioned are situate in the parishes of St. James in the City of Bath, and Walcot, Weston, Wooley, Langridge and Swainswick, c. Somerset. [Copy of 0810/1/25 which is the origianl document]
  • 24 June 1751
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