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  • The diaries and accounts of Dr Claver Morris (1659-1727) of Wells are contained in three manuscript volumes covering the period 1684 to 1726. The items listed are photocopies and microfiche only, the original volumes having been retained in private custody. The earliest volume records receipts and payments for the period 1684-1697, and the second volume records receipts and payments for 1709-1723, as well as diary entries for 1709-1710. The third volume contains diary entries only and covers the period 1718-1726. The third volume (the most important) was lent for photocopying to the publishers Macmillan in 1970 and was never returned. Extensive enquiries by the owner have not as yet (1993) succeeded in tracing the volume, and the copy held here has been made from the Macmillan photocopy of 1970. Extracts from the diary and accounts were edited by Edmond Hobhouse, M.D., as 'The Diary of a West Country Physician, A.D. 1684-1726' (library refernce 920 MOR HOB). Hobhouse, pg. 7, mistakenly suggests the existence of four volumes, evidently having been misled into thinking that the accounts for 1709-1723 were contained in two volumes rather than one. The diaries and accounts reflect Morris's widespread medical practice in Wells and the area around, his landed interests in Baltonsborough, West Bradley, West Pennard, and elsewhere, and his part in the enclosures of Baltonsborough Northwood and of Glastonbury Common Moor. For biographical information and a thematic summary of the diary contents see the aforementioned book of Edmond Hobhouse.
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  • 'The Diary of a West Country Physician, A.D. 1684-1726' by Edmond Hobhouse, M.D. (ref. L\3518) and 'Claver Morris, an Early Eighteenth-Century English Physician and Amateur Musician Extraordinaire' by H Diack Johnstone (PAM 3066)
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