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  • This collection contains material relating mainly to the Sydenham Family estates in Somerset, particularly in Dulverton where there is a good series of leases for lives and two late 18th century surveys and a reference book to a map of the Manor of 1790 [see DD\X\DL/1/1]. Many of the leases contain husbandry clauses and/or provisos for a day's work on the mill stream and keeping a hound for the Lord's hunting. Some, as part of the consideration, ask for pieces of gold or broad pieces of gold called Jacobuses. In the early 18th century there appears to have been an attempt at establishing a 'new town' at Bathealton or Badleton where land was leased on the understanding that a new house would be built and the road paved. The collection also contains a very detailed account book of the expenditure on the death of John Sydenham of Brympton in 1627 and the accounts of the official appointed by the Court of Wards and Liveries during the minority of John Sydenham 1629-1640. Other documents worthy of note in the collection are a court roll and a compotus roll for the estates of Taunton Priory 1322 and 1425-1426, a court roll for the Manor of Milverton 1571, four parchment sheets containing a mid 15th century copy of medieval deeds relating mainly to North Petherton early 14th century-1449 and a contemporary copy of the ecclesiastical court proceedings brought against the Rev. George Whitefield in South Carolina 1740. NB Unless otherwise stated all parties to leases and other deeds are of the parish where the property is situated.
  • 1322-1828
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