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  • A/AGA
  • ┆This collection of large format vertical aerial photographs was made for the Ordnance Survey for mapping purposes. Photographs range in date from 1952 to 1977, and are nominally related to kilometre grid squares of the National Grid. There are some 3,500 photographs in all, providing highly incomplete coverage of the historic county of Somerset. **PLEASE NOTE**: It it not possible to view images of these photographs online. **Using the list:** To determine whether a photograph is held for a particular area it is necessary to establish the kilometre grid square of the National Grid in which the area lies. Depending on the part of the county concerned, the reference will be prefixed by either the letters **SS** or **ST**. Some grid squares may be covered by photographs for more than one date. Some may be covered by more than one photograph of the same date. To order out the relevant photograph: * Consult the second column of the scanned list above to see whether a photograph is held for the SS or ST grid square you require. For example: **SS0022**. * Make a note of the reference in the first column. In the case of **SS0022** it would be **67/220/021** (**67** relates to the year the photograph was taken (1967), **220** is the run number, and **021** is the sheet or print number). * From the 'contents' section below (**A/AGA/1-118**), find the entry containing the relevant year, run and sheet number, and make a note of the corresponding **A/AGA** reference. In this case the corresponding reference would be **A/AGA/16** as it comprises **Run 67/220: Sheets 008-052**. Click on 'details' to view the catalogue description in full (including individual sheet listings). * To order out the photograph, request **A/AGA/16 (67/220/021)**. The condition of photographs is indicated by a code in the sixth (final) column of the scanned list. 1=good; 2=fair; 3=satisfactory; 4=poor. Some photographs may be unfit for consultation because of their condition. A paper copy of the scanned list above can be found in the searchroom together with a large folder of maps providing grid references. See also A/BTN for 1:1200 aerial photographs of the Sedgemoor district, 1996.
  • 1952-1977
  • 3,500 items
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