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  • 1104
  • Pencil and Ink drawing of a crowd scene in Union Passage, Bath. 'The drawing is lettered in pencil "Union Passage Bath" with the date "Sunday 30 May". To the left is a shop, with a window displaying books (one labelled "Piozzi"), pictures, a mirror, fan, box and other items. Attached to the wall above are two advertisments, one for "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Highlife below Stairs", the other for "School for Scandal" and "The lair". Above, a maid is emptying a chamber pot onto the crowd below (two of the throng had the wit to carry an umbrella but one has a tray of food balanced of his head). To the right is a Lodging House, also advertising "Wild Beasts Shown Here", with a caged bird. All types of humanity are crammed into the Passage. A beggar and a mother and child sit by the shop, an old man in a Bath chair is being pushed by a black servant, and there are two sedan chairs. Some have stoped to gossip, while others go about their business, and at the back is a troop of soldiers, led by a drummer boy. Though the soldiers' faces are stern the crowd sems unconcerned by their advance.' Based on the date this is most likely a scene of the 1802 Peace Celebrations.
  • c.1800 [1802]
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