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  • James Broom, p. Walcot, c. Somerset, Carpenter and Builder, bequethes as follows; Whereas he has, with others, taken certain freehold and leasehold grounds in order to let the same for building by contract, as a tenant in common with other the owners, his eldest son James shall have sole power to carry such contracts into execution and in contracting for the same. To his wife all household goods and plate china for her natural life and after her decease to his son James, except the plate which is to be shared between James and his four brothers, William, Mark Anthony, Arthur, and Thomas, as tenants in common. The rest and residue of his estate to his wife and his sons James and William, upon trust to lease the same for any term or number of years for the best rents that can reasonably be had, for the benefit of his said wife during her natural life, and after her deacease when and as his said sons reach their respective ages of 25 years to raise the sums of £300 to be paid to them, and upon his son Samuel reaching the age of 25 years to raise the sum of £200 and pay the same to him.
  • 27 July 1790
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