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  • BC/8/6/8
  • Planning applications submitted to the Bath City Council for approval under either the local Bath & District Planning Scheme (1936-1948) or the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947 (1948-1996). The numbers for planning applications started at 1 in 1934 under the local Bath & District Planning Scheme and continued unbroken with the introduction of the Town and Country Planning Act byelaws in 1947, until 1996 with the creation of Bath & North East Somerset when a new numbering system was introduced. Planning applications from 1996 to the present day are still held by Bath & North East Somerset's Planning Services Department, although from c.2008 all new applications have been viewable online. Planning applications under the Bath & District Planning Scheme (1936-1948) are, with a few exceptions, held on Microfilm only and most are not yet listed in this catalogue. No applications for 1934 and 1935 are known to have survived in any format. A basic listing of these items can be found on the Bath Record Office website ( These items will be added to this catalogue in the future. Planning applications under the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947 (1948-1996) are catalogued here in full, and are often held in hard copy but may have plans that are held on Microfilm. Only two thirds of the Planning application microfilms are listed (as of October 2018), as such we cannot always say with absolute certainty if plans have survived or not. In some cases we do not have any surviving records for an application either in hard copy or on microfilm, in these cases the description field will say 'No Correspondence, No Plan', after the details of the application. Listing of the Microfilms is ongoing and this catalogue will be updated in the the future to account for this.
  • 1934-1996
  • ~208 linear m
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